Ambulatory Surgical Centers: Comprehensive Service Options

Comprehensive Service Options

Breast: Specimens from lumpectomies, core biopsies, FNAs, and, lymph nodes, IHC, FISH, and molecular assays

Dermatology: Biopsies and direct immunofluorescence, BRAF and FISH for melanoma

Ear, nose, and throat: Thyroid biopsies and fine-needle aspiriations (FNAs) and tonsil specimens

Gastroenterology: Biopsies (EGD, colonoscopy and liver), resections and excisions (tumor resection, bariatric surgery, cholecystectomy), cytology brushings and washings; immunohistochemistry (IHC), flow cytometry (gastrointestinal lymphoproliferative disorders), molecular diagnostics (K-ras and BRAF mutation analysis, microsatellite instability (MSI), UGT1A1 (irinotecan toxicity), DPD (5-fluorouracil toxicity), circulating tumor cells (CTC), and celiac disease HLA DQ genotyping

Gynecology: Evaluation of specimens from hysterectomies, products of conception (POC), and biopsies

Hematology/Oncology: Bone marrow biopsies, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, FISH, IHC, and molecular diagnostics

Urology: Biopsies (prostate, vas deferens, and bladder biopsies), FNAs, urine cytology, hematuria, and circulating tumor cells, molecular diagnostics, FISH, IHC (single, double, and triple stains), PCA3