Gastrointestinal: GI Pathology Expertise

Scientific Expertise

Specialized GI pathologists

Specimens are reviewed by board-certified pathologists, most of whom are fellowship trained in GI pathology. Cytology specimens, such as brushings and fine-needle aspirations, are evaluated by board-certified and/or experienced cytopathologists with results correlated to histology for maximum accuracy.

Daily intradepartmental review

The GI pathology department conducts a daily review of malignant and challenging cases, providing a built-in second opinion. This helps ensure diagnostic accuracy and maintains a consistent level of quality.

Interdepartmental consultations

Cases that require the expertise of multiple subspecialties, such as hematopathology or dermatopathology, are shared with other Dianon expert pathologists for their review, providing seamless integration across disciplines.

Expert consultation

Any cases that remain in question after internal review are referred to an academic-based, nationally recognized expert in GI pathology for diagnostic confirmation and/or further studies.

Direct communication

Dianon’s GI pathology callback program notifies physicians about urgent findings such as malignancy or Barrett esophagus.

Preferred pathology program

Ordering physicians may request that a particular pathologist read his or her cases, allowing providers to build rapport and continuity with specific Dianon pathologists.

Comprehensive test menu

Dianon offers full anatomic pathology services complemented by a comprehensive clinical and molecular test menu.

Advanced methodologies

Dianon offers a broad menu of immunohistochemical and special stains.