ProMark Proteomic Prognostic Test

Now available through Dianon Pathology, ProMark® is a unique protein-based prognostic test for prostate cancer progression. This test uses highly-intelligent and automated imaging technology that allows ProMark to deliver focused and precise image analysis, and deliver a rapid and objective result to inform your decision-making process.

A unique protein-based prognostic test for prostate cancer, ProMark quantifies cancer aggressiveness* in patients with biopsy Gleason Scores of 3+3 and 3+4. Unlike RNA-based tests, ProMark only interrogates malignant glands, eliminating the contamination of test results by benign glands. ProMark provides a more direct reflection of biologic activity from the cancerous regions of interest.1,2

ProMark, through this unique approach, provides advantages over other expression-based assays. Among these are the need for less tissue for testing purposes and the ability to test small lesions even when intermixed with benign glands, thus reducing sampling errors inherent in other prognostic assays. In addition, when combined with existing risk stratification methods, ProMark provides information above and beyond additional data to support clinical decision-making.1,2

In a study1 consisting of more than 650 patients with biopsy Gleason Scores of 3+3 and 3+4, ProMark successfully and independently separated ‘favorable’ (surgical Gleason ≤3+4 and organ-confined disease) from ‘non-favorable’ (surgical Gleason ≥4+3 and/or non-organ-confined disease) pathology, improving the prediction of aggressive cancer in men with biopsy Gleason Scores of 3+3 and 3+4.

While ProMark provides a stand-alone score that is useful to assess patient risk of aggressive disease, it can also be combined with the NCCN Guidelines® classification to provide an even more refined risk stratification.

Distinct information for you and your patient to develop an appropriate plan of treatment: The ProMark report provides personalized information that is easy to interpret and discuss with your patient. It includes:

  • Individualized ProMark Score for your patient between 0 and 100
  • Personalized risk of aggressive disease based on your patient’s ProMark Score
  • Relative risk of aggressive disease compared to the average risk from biopsy pathology alone
  • Additional information regarding risk of aggressive disease (if combined with your patient’s NCCN risk category)

Automated image analysis technology: Utilizing an automated image analysis technology that identifies tumor and benign tissue, ProMark quantifies expression levels of eight protein biomarkers that individually correlate with tumor aggressiveness and together to help predict your individual patient’s risk of aggressive disease.**

For more information about ProMark, download our physician's brochure here.

Please note: Before ordering ProMark for your patients, you will need to complete the required certification and training at

* Adverse prostate pathology on subsequent radical prostatectomy: Gleason ≥4+3 and/or non-organ-confined disease (T3a, T3b, N1, or M1)
** The biomarkers individually and together predict the probability a cancer has not extended beyond the prostate, or has histological features of aggressive tumors.

1. Blume-Jensen, P. et al. Development and Clinical Validation of an in situ Biopsy Based Multi-Marker Assay for Risk Stratification in Prostate Cancer. Clinical Cancer Research, doi:10.1158/1078-0432.ccr-14-2603(2015).
2. Shipitsin, M. et al. Identification of proteomic biomarkers predicting prostate cancer aggressiveness and lethality despite biopsy-sampling error. British journal of cancer 111,1201-1212, doi:10.1038/bjc.2014.396(2014).
3. Metamark Genetics internal data