For Patients

Dianon Pathology helps physicians provide exceptional patient care through our broad menu of laboratory tests. Our dedication to patients is evident in our quick turnaround of test results and the willingness of our pathologists to call physicians directly with results that are critical to patient care.

Dianon’s parent company, LabCorp, includes patient education resources on its Web site, including a Patient Health Library where you can learn more about lab tests that your doctor may have ordered.


Clinical laboratory testing is a fundamental component of health care delivery. Dianon Pathology is proud to serve physicians and their patients.

While our brand name is Dianon Pathology, our services are billed in the name Dianon Systems.

Dianon is a participating provider for a broad range of national, regional, and local insurance providers. You will see Dianon Systems as the provider listed on the explanation of benefits (EOB) sent by your insurance provider and on invoices for services performed.

Billing Customer Service

Billing services are managed in a central location by LabCorp, the parent company of Dianon Pathology. Billing service representatives can be reached at the following telephone number:

  • Billing Customer Service 800-845-6167 (8 am to 7 pm, Eastern time).
  • Pay Your Bill

Payment Plans

You should call billing customer service upon receipt of your first bill if you are interested in requesting a payment plan. Our representatives will take the first step in explaining the program to you. You will receive a statement of the payment plan schedule and the scheduled payment amounts until your balance is paid off.